Carom/OM (Ajwain)

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Ajwain seeds (Trachyspermum ammi) pack a punch of flavor! Source them from India & the Middle East for their distinctive anise & oregano notes. Rich in fiber and thymol (antibacterial compound), Ajwain adds a unique touch to curries, vegetables & more.
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Ajwain (Carom) Benefits:

Ward off Kidney Stones: Embrace the preventive properties of carom seeds in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Lower Cholesterol Levels: Discover the heart-healthy advantages of carom seeds as they contribute to lowering cholesterol levels.

Anti-Inflammatory Marvel: Experience relief from inflammation with the natural anti-inflammatory properties of our seeds.

Say Goodbye to Cough and Cold: Relieve cough and cold symptoms, thanks to the soothing properties of carom seeds.

Soothe Peptic Ulcers: Discover relief from peptic ulcers as our carom seeds lend their healing touch.

Microbial Guardian: Harness the antibacterial prowess of our seeds, fortifying your immune system.

How to use  carom seeds:

Indian Culinary Delights: Enhance the taste of paratha, puri, and chapathi with the aromatic essence of our carom seeds.

Salads with a Twist: Sprinkle these seeds on salads for an invigorating burst of flavor and a dash of health.

Homemade Creations: Add a special touch to homemade recipes and cookies with the distinct flavor of carom seeds.

Ajwain Tea Elixir: Elevate your detox tea with the wholesome goodness of our seeds, promoting overall well-being.

Household Digestive Remedies: Embrace our Carom Seeds as a household remedy for digestive
problems, infusing foods with their beneficial properties.

Veggie Delights: Enhance several vegetable dishes with the richness of carom seeds, making every meal a wholesome experience.

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