Garcinia (Kudampuli)

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Garcinia, a diverse genus within the Clusiaceae family, boasts a global presence across Asia, America, Australia, Africa, and Polynesia. With approximately 400 recognized species, these plants are commonly referred to as saptrees or garcinias, with the renowned Garcinia mangostana often specifically known as mangosteen. Embraced for their fruit, Garcinia species contribute to the array of flora dubbed “monkey fruit” across various regions.
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Health Benefits of Garcinia:

  • Relieves Joint Pain: Embrace the soothing effects of Garcinia to alleviate joint discomfort.

  • Reduces Appetite: Garcinia naturally aids in controlling appetite, making it a valuable addition to your diet.

  • Boosts Energy: Feel the revitalizing energy boost that comes with the goodness of Garcinia.

  • Fat-Burning Properties: Embrace the natural fat-burning properties of this remarkable spice.

  • Reduces Cholesterol: Garcinia works to promote healthier cholesterol levels, supporting your well-being.

Tips for using Garcinia:

  • Fish Curries: Enhance the flavors of your fish curries with the unique tanginess of Garcinia.

  • Vegetable Curries: Add a delightful sour taste to vegetable curries with this healthful option.

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