Walnut Kernels (Akharot) Premium

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Walnuts, the edible seeds of the Juglans genus, notably Juglans regia, are prized for their rich flavor and nutritional benefits. Encased within a husk, the round, single-seed stone fruits ripen from September to November in the northern hemisphere. While the shell is discarded upon ripening, the kernel is enjoyed as a versatile ingredient in various culinary dishes and as a nutritious snack.
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 Walnut Benefits:

  • Brain Health: Nourish your brain with the powerful nutrients found in walnuts, supporting cognitive function.

  • Healthy Heart: Promote a strong and healthy heart with the heart-friendly properties of walnuts.

  • Rich Antioxidants: Benefit from the abundant antioxidants in walnuts, shielding your body from free radicals.

  • Cancer Prevention: Embrace the natural cancer-fighting elements present in walnuts, supporting overall well-being.

  • Boost of Energy: Energize your body with the nutrient-packed walnuts, providing sustainable energy.

  • Skin Moisturization: Pamper your skin with the moisturizing effects of walnuts for a radiant and supple complexion.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Relish the anti-inflammatory properties of walnuts, which aid in reducing inflammation.

How to use walnuts:

  • Walnut Cupcake: Savor the delightful taste and texture of walnut cupcakes, an irresistible treat.

  • Walnut and Raisin Oat Cake: Combine the goodness of walnuts and raisins in a delectable oat cake.

  • Walnut Rolls: Experience the unique flavor of walnut rolls, a delightful pastry choice.

  • Walnut-Flavored Bread: Enjoy walnut-flavored bread, where the nutty taste enhances your bread experience.

  • Walnut Salad with Fruits: Create a refreshing salad with the goodness of walnuts and an array of fruits.

  • Walnut oil:  Drizzle it over salads for a nutty flavor or use it as a finishing oil for grilled vegetables or seafood. You can also incorporate walnut oil into homemade salad dressings or dips for a rich a nd  aromatic taste. Additionally, walnut oil can be used in baking to add moisture and depth to cakes, cookies, and muffins.

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