Black Sesame Seed (Ellu)

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Explore the rich, nutty flavor and delicate crunch of sesame seeds harvested from the revered Sesamum indicum plant. Sourced from regions renowned for their sesame cultivation, our premium seeds offer a versatile ingredient for both culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.
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Health Benefits:

Immunity Booster: Fortify your immune system with the nutritional power of sesame seeds.

Anti-Inflammatory Wonder: Discover relief from inflammation with the natural properties of sesame seeds.

Blood Sugar Control: Embrace the benefits of sesame seeds, which aid in controlling blood sugar

Blood Pressure Management: Find solace in sesame seeds, which help lower blood pressure.

Improved Digestion: Enjoy better digestion with the aid of sesame seeds.

Anemia Treatment: Discover the potential of sesame seeds in treating anemia.

Tips for using sesame seeds:

Crunch and Flavor in Side Dishes: Add raw sesame seeds to any side dish for added crunch and flavor.

Egg Delights: Elevate the taste of your egg recipes with the wholesome goodness of sesame seeds.

Homemade Chocolates: Create nutritious and delicious homemade chocolates using black sesame seeds.

Cookies with a Healthy Twist: Add sesame seeds as an enriching addition to your cookies.

Great on Chicken: Enhance the taste of your chicken dishes with the delightful essence of black sesame seeds.

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