Poppy Seed (Khus Khus)

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Indulge in the culinary heritage of centuries with our premium poppy seeds, sourced from legal cultivations in Central Europe and South Asia. These tiny, kidney-shaped seeds, harvested from the opium poppy, bring a rich, nutty flavor and delightful crunch to a variety of dishes.
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Health Benefits:

Antioxidant Powerhouse: Enjoy the disease-preventing benefits of the chemical compounds found in our Poppy Seeds.

Fertility Booster: Harness the nourishing properties of these seeds to enhance fertility and overall reproductive health.

Digestive Aid: Ease digestion woes and embrace a healthier gut with the aid of our poppy seeds.

Glowing Skin: Revel in the goodness of poppy seeds as they contribute to radiant and healthy skin.

Defy Cell Aging: Embrace the age-defying properties of our seeds, keeping you feeling youthful and rejuvenated.
A Restful Sleep: Discover relief from insomnia as our poppy seeds aid in promoting better sleep.

Iron and Manganese Rich: Embrace the nutritional value of our seeds, rich in essential minerals like iron and manganese.

Tips for using poppy seeds:

Curry and Gravy Marvels: Elevate the taste and texture of your curries and gravies by making our Poppy Seeds a primary spice.

Perfect Potatoes and Ridge Guard: Cook these vegetables with ground Poppy Seeds for an exceptional burst of flavors.

Flavor Enhancer: Use Poppy Seed paste to add a tantalizing touch to your recipes, enhancing their overall appeal.

Vibrant Veggie and Salad Dressings: Enliven your vegetable dishes and salad dressings with the goodness of Poppy Seeds.

Chicken Curry Delight: Enjoy the richness of our seeds in chicken curries, transforming ordinary dishes into gourmet delights.

Ayurvedic Wonders: Embrace the tradition of Ayurvedic medicine by using our Poppy Seeds in various medicinal preparations.

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