Sago (Sabbakki)

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Sago, sourced primarily from Southeast Asia, notably Indonesia and Malaysia, is a starch derived from the pith of tropical palm stems, particularly Metroxylon sagu. It serves as a crucial dietary staple for communities in regions like New Guinea and the Maluku Islands, known by various local names such as saksak, rabia, and sagu. Exported extensively to Europe and North America, sago finds widespread use in culinary applications due to its versatile nature and neutral flavor profile.
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Health Benefits of Sago:

  • Prevents Constipation: Support a healthy digestive system and bid adieu to constipation worries with sago

  • Helps Increase Weight: Promote healthy weight gain with our nutritious sago.

  • Strengthens Bones: Fortify your bones with the essential nutrients found in sago.

  • Improved Digestion: Experience improved digestion with the inclusion of sago in your diet.

  • Fastens Muscle Growth: Fuel your muscle growth with the instant energy provided by sago.

Tips for using Sago:

  • Scrumptious Sago Puddings: Delight in the goodness of sago by creating mouthwatering puddings.

  • Sago Fritters: Mix sago with grated coconuts and rice flour to make delectable fritters.

  • Sweet Sago Treats: Drizzle honey over sago to create delectable and sweet treats.

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