Dried Coconut (Copra)

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Copra, the dried inner flesh of coconuts from the coconut palm, is primarily composed of a white substance rich in vegetable oil. Often processed into coconut oil, its Malayalam-derived name “koppara” signifies dried coconut. After oil extraction, what remains, known as coconut cake, serves as a valuable livestock feed.
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Health Benefits of Copra Coconut:

  • Fiber-rich for Diabetes Prevention: Enjoy the benefits of dried coconut, which is rich in fiber and aids in preventing diabetes.

  • Anti-Aging Wonder: Embrace the nourishing properties of dried coconut, helping you defy the signs of aging.

  • Skin Cancer Prevention: Discover the protective effects of Dried Coconut, helping to prevent skin cancer.

  • Detox and Cleanse: Release toxins from your body with the natural detoxifying properties of dried coconut.

  • Strong and Lustrous Hair: Find solace in the ability of Dried Coconut to strengthen and nourish your hair.

  • Antioxidants and Antibacterial Properties: Enjoy the benefits of dried coconut, enriched with antioxidants and antibacterial effects.

How to use Copra Coconut:

  • Coconut Oats for a Healthy Twist: Enrich your oats with Dried Coconut, a delicious and nutritious choice.

  • Delectable Coconut Burfi and Sweets: Relish the goodness of coconut burfi and sweets like payasam and snacks.

  • Coconut-Infused Milkshakes: Enhance your milkshakes with the enchanting flavor of Dried Coconut.

  • Better Taste in Dal and Curries: Elevate the taste of Indian dal and curries with the addition of coconut milk.

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